Fwd: Emigrant Highlanders (old 42nd) - Jane McCombs Gillespie
Subject: Fwd: Emigrant Highlanders (old 42nd)
From: Jane McCombs Gillespie
Date: April 07, 1998

I have not done much Rev War study at all.. Is Guildford Courthouse in NC??
Also the Cross Creek mentioned where would that be.. in NC also?? I know
that there is a Wilmington NC.. could all this be in NC instead of SC??

Jane McCombs Gillespie

Researching McComb/McCombs in SC
Hopewell Presbyterian in McCormick County  SC
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From: Murray McCombs 
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Date: Monday, April 06, 1998 11:42 AM
Subject: Emigrant Highlanders (old 42nd)

>This is the referrence to the Emigrant Highlanders from the old 42nd. Not
>mentioned when this settlement was established.
>Murray McCombs
>[email protected]
> British retreat from Guilford Courthouse, 1780, except from "The Fraser
>Highlanders", by J.R. Harper
>No solid advantage was gained by this battle, as Lord Cornwallis found it
>necessary to retreat, and was even obliged to leave his wounded behind. The
>British took the direction of Cross Creek, followed closely in the rear by
>the Americans. The settlement of Cross Creek was possessed by Emigrant
>Highlanders (of the old 42nd), who had evinced great loyalty during the
>war, and they now offered to bring 1,500 men into the field, and to furnish
>every necessary except arms and ammunition, but stipulated that they should
>be commanded by officers from the (British) line. This reasonable offer was
>declined: but it was proposed to form them into what was called a
>provincial corps of the line. This proposition was rejected by the Emigrant
>Highlanders, who retired to their settlements.
>I don't know if Cross Creek is near Beaufort SC or not. I'm not sure where
>Guldford Courthouse is located, but presume it to be North of Cross Creek,
>since the British retreat was north. The British Army then marched for
>Wilmington, SC, arriving on April 17, 1780, then to march on Portsmouth on
>August 22, 1780.

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