Email font and FTM conflict - Bruce Cardner
Subject: Email font and FTM conflict
From: Bruce Cardner
Date: August 24, 2000

I have a question.  I have been aware of the "fix" for a conflict,
supposedly a weakness in Microsoft, which will not allow the Family Tree
Maker  to open when one first opens an email with a certain type of font.

I have not used the fix.  The reason is that it only happens on two lists,
and I belong to many.  I know that when I get an email from a person on this
list and another person on another list, that I might just as well restart
Windows.  I know that I can open FTM first, but that is very hard to

Now, what I do not understand is this:  These emails are in a darker larger
font.  When I look at the properties, they do not reveal anything.
Is anyone else having the same problem?  Does this mean that the person
sending the email has something besides plain text enabled?

Today it happened on another list when one of those same two people sent a
post to the list.  Needless to say, it is not my nature to mention names in
a critical way.  If others are getting the same thing, they will know and
have the same concerns.  Messages coming to a list are supposed to be in
plain text.  Could this be RTF slipping through?

If I am the only one having the problem, then I can simply unsubscribe from
the lists.  However, if it  is true that these people perhaps have another
type text  enabled then perhaps others are having the same problem.  This is
not criticism of anyone, and it may sound a little confused (I am not an

Yes, I know there is a fix given on the Family Tree Maker boards.   I may
have to use it, but I am just curious if it is only me.  Please email me
privately at [email protected] if you can help me with this.  It
is not genealogy, and I do not want to clutter the list with it.

Sydney Cardner

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