Re: Email Failed Delivery Notices - Stan Young
Subject: Re: Email Failed Delivery Notices
From: Stan Young
Date: April 19, 1998

You wrote:
> Every day I receive many "failed delivery" notices regarding Forum email.  Shown
> below is an extracted listing of some of these recent failed addresses.  If you
> have questions regarding why message deliveries fail, please ask the Postmaster
> at the failed domain.  I have no means to determine why a domain is having
> trouble receiving messages or to correct such problems.  The Postmaster should
> be able to help you.

>    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

Steven, one suggestion - check the headers to see WHERE they are failing.
It might be that your ISP - or an intervening site -  is having a problem.  
Certainly I seem to be receiving the majority of the messages from several 
different mailing lists; no real complaints heard from anywhere else.

Good hunting!

Stan Young                 [email protected]

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