Ellzey, Smoak, Nettles, Conner, Wingard, Monts, Geiger, Nunnemake r, Leitner, Souter, Smith, Hamiter, Grad(d)ick, Metz - Nancy Leitner
Subject: Ellzey, Smoak, Nettles, Conner, Wingard, Monts, Geiger, Nunnemake r, Leitner, Souter, Smith, Hamiter, Grad(d)ick, Metz
From: Nancy Leitner
Date: May 14, 1999

Katherine "Kate" Rivers ELLZEY (1862-1924) m.1882 (Spring Branch Church) to
Furman Eugene SMOAK (1859-1940).  Moved from Orangeburgh to Florida about
1885. Where is Spring Branch Church and who are Katherine's parents and
siblings? Any relation to the Methodist Circuit Rider Preacher Robert
ELLZEY?  Furman's parents: Miriam NETTLES and George R. SMOAK, son of
Elizabeth GRIFFITH and William SMOAK, Orangeburgh/Cordova area. What is
Miriam's place of birth and who are her parents. William's father Johann
Georg RAUCH is buried at Smoak Cemetery at St. Matthews.  Where is this
cemetery located?

John CONNER m. Catherine WINGARD whose only known child is John Luther
CONNER (1847-1934) m. 1876 to Elizabeth Ann MONTS (1846-1933) whose parents
are Mary MATHIAS and George MONTS. Who are the parents of John Conner and
Catherine Wingard? Where was he from prior to coming to Lexington SC? Also,
need names of other children?

Emanuel GEIGER (b. 1804/5) and wife "Polly" are listed in the 1850 Lexington
County Census with their children.  "Polly" is Mary E. NUNNEMAKER (about
1814-1892).  Who are parents/siblings of Emanuel and where/when did he die?
Who are the parents/siblings of Mary E. "Polly"?  Know that she (Mary E) and
her children moved to Alachua/Marion County, Florida in the 1800's. Need
info on the following children: Henry (b.1835); John Q (b.1839); Eli W
(b.1841); Samuel P (b.1848). Have some info on their other children: Martha
Elizabeth who married (1) Luther DREHER and (2) Joseph B HARRELL; Wade
Albert (1837-1892); Luther David (b.1844) m. Sarah Josephine HULL; Caroline
Levina (b.1846) m. 31 May 1866 George Wesley LEITNER; and Laura Frances

George Wesley LEITNER, son of Charlotte SOUTER and Jacob LEITNER, moved with
their children,about 1850 from Cedar Creek (Richland/Fairfield County) to
Marion County Florida. Charlotte daughter of Catherine Barbary SMITH
(parents are Mary Eve HAMITER and Stephen SMITH) and George SOUTER, Jr.
(parents are Fannie AUTZ and George SOUTER). Need dates, parents, siblings
for Mary Eve Hamiter, George Souter and dates of Stephen Smith's father
Stephen SMITH whose wife Mollie lived to be 115 years of age. Jacob's
parents are Mary Eve GRAD(D)ICK and Jacob LEITNER.  Need dates on both
parents and the dates of Mary Eve Gradicks' parents Katherine METZ and Jacob

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated as researching from
Florida is not as easy as being in the "home state" of all our  direct
ancestors.  Many times, we think we are related to 90% of old South
Carolina.  What few times we been able to do any research in SC, we've been
told, we knew about the Florida Group, but we just kinda' forgot about them
-- don't know who they are or how many of them they are!

Nancy and Annabelle Leitner
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