ELLIS; SC; 1850 - J Jilote
Subject: ELLIS; SC; 1850
From: J Jilote
Date: August 31, 1998

1850 Census, Charleston Dist., SC; pg. 335.

Mary ELLIS; age 58 (b.c. 1792) Nassau, N.P., BAHAMAS*.
Joseph; age 38 (b.c. 1812) SC; carpenter
Jane; age 30 (b.c. 1820) SC
Mary J; age 17 (b.c. 1833) SC
Rebecca; age 11 (b.c. 1839) SC
Joseph S(amuel); age 7 (b.c. 1843) SC (my line)
William (John); age 6 (b.c. 1844) SC
*Josephine (Ann); age 5 (b.c. 1845) SC
Julia; age 2 (b.c. 1848) SC

Thomas *KINGDOM; age 30 (b.c. 1820);  Engineer; SC
*Sarah Ann (ELLIS); age 28 (b.c. 1822); SC
Francis; male; age 1841 (b.c. 1841); SC

*note:  some records, such as the Orphan House Records, show
the name spelled as KINGDON and not KINGDOM.

*note:  ELLIS, JOSEPHINE ANN. Admitted October 4, 1855 aged
nine years by ELIZABETH ELLIS, mother. Indentured to HUGH R.
RUTLEDGE (of French Broad, North Carolina) as a domestic
Jan. 30, 1862. Indentures expired  Mar 27, 1864. (R-84)
Delivered to her aunt, MRS. SARAH KINGDON, March 12, 1863.

*note:  Sarah ELLIS KINGDON would have to be the sister to
Joseph ELLIS b. 1812.

I also found Josephine, Joseph S, William John, and Julia
all in the Charleston Orphan House, admitted between
1852-55. The name of the father was not listed. The mother
of these children was listed as ELIZABETH. I found this
interesting since she was not listed on the 1850 Census,
unless she used a middle name or vise-versa.

*note:  I found that many Revolutionary War Soldiers were in
the BAHAMAS and returned to the US in the late 1700's.

I have one hear-say story that Joseph ELLIS was the son of a
Jewish Rabbi named ELLISON that was sent for by the city of
Charleston Jewish community when they were in need of a
Rabbi. When Joseph married outside of the faith and when the
family disowned him he changed his name to ELLIS
(interesting story, but no proof). Joseph Jr.'s family did
speak some Yittish though.

ANY help would be Great Appreicated!

Janet Nielson Jilote
Chas, SC

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