ELLIS, Josephine Ann; b.c. 1846, SC; Orphan House Records - J Jilote
Subject: ELLIS, Josephine Ann; b.c. 1846, SC; Orphan House Records
From: J Jilote
Date: April 10, 1999

I have info on the following from the Charleston Orphan
House Records:

ELLIS, JOSEPHINE ANN. Admitted October 4, 1855 aged nine
years by
ELIZABETH ELLIS, mother. Indentured to HUGH R. RUTLEDGE (of
Broad, North Carolina) as a domestic Jan 30, 1862.
Indentures expired
Mar 27, 1864. (R-84) Delivered to her aunt, MRS. SARAH
12, 1863. (B0)

ELLIS, JOSEPHINE ANN. Admitted December 28, 1854 aged eight
years and
ten months by ELIZABETH ELLIS, mother, and Poor House. Born
March 27,
1846. Indentures expired  March 27, 1864. (R-66) Mother
lives on Nassau
Street, two doors south of Columbus Street.  (AtoA)

re: Pg 143;
History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House 1790 -
by Susan L King.
SCMAR; 929.38 Charleston, Vol. 1.
Located in the South Carolina Historical Society, Chas, SC.

Janet Nielson Jilote

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