ELLIS, Joseph Samuel; SC - Janet Jilote
Subject: ELLIS, Joseph Samuel; SC
From: Janet Jilote
Date: April 08, 1998

I have an ELLIS family in SC, 1850 Census, Charleston Dist. 

Mary    age 58  b. Nassau
Joseph  age 38  b. SC
Jane    age 30  b. SC
Mary J  age 17  b. SC
Rebecca age 11  b. SC
Joseph S    7   b. SC*
William age 6   b. SC*
Josephine   5   b. SC*
Julia   age 2   b. SC*

I also found Josephine, Joseph S*, William John, and Julia all in the
Charleston Orphan House, admitted in 1852-55. The name of their father
was not listed, but family records show them as the children of Joseph
Samuel ELLIS; and the mother of these children was listed as ELIZABETH.
I found this interesting since she was not listed on the 1850 Census. I
don't know what happened to Elizabeth whether she died or not. I am a
descendant of Joseph S ELLIS Jr. who married Louise SCHLEYER (SLYER). 

Janet Nielson Jilote
Chas, SC

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