ELLIS Children; Charleston, SC - J Jilote
Subject: ELLIS Children; Charleston, SC
From: J Jilote
Date: October 27, 1998

There have been stories of my g-Grandparents, Joseph Samuel
ELLIS and Louisa Anna (nee SCHLEYER) that they had 21

Well, I'm one that takes the story and looks for proof. I
wanted to believe all the family tales, but it wasn't until
yesterday that I came across a Health Dept. document that
stated she had 17 Children! (8 of which are not accounted
for in my records). So, with a bit more seaching from that
point onward I will hopefully find the remaining 4 children
(or births), and the 8 unaccounted children from that time

I think this was odd that she would have so many children
since they lived in the city and not on a farm, but many
were still born and there were also multiple births (twins
and triplets); but most survived. All of which made me a bit
uncomfortable during my pregnancies! <>

Happy Hunting!
Janet Nielson Jilote
Chas, SC

PS: I would just like to think they were madly in love ~

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