ELLIS & KINGDON; Chas, SC 1850 - J Jilote
Subject: ELLIS & KINGDON; Chas, SC 1850
From: J Jilote
Date: July 17, 1999

Would those that have SC ELLIS... please try to help me.

I have an ELLIS family in SC, 1850 Census,
Charleston Dist. (city of Charleston)

Mary (nee unknown) ELLIS; b.c. 1792; Nassau, Bahamas.
Joseph ELLIS; b.c. 1812; carpenter; SC
Jane ELLIS; b.c. 1820 SC
Mary J ELLIS; b.c. 1833 SC
Rebecca ELLIS; b.c. 1839 SC
Joseph S(amuel) ELLIS; b.c. 1843 SC
William ELLIS; b.c. 1844 SC
Josephine ELLIS; b.c. 1845 SC
Julia ELLIS; b.c. 1848 SC

Living next door to the ELLIS family are Thomas  KINGDON;
b.c. 1820.
Sarah KINGDON; b.c. 1822.
Francis KINGDON; b.c. 1841

note:  the KINGDOM family is somehow related to the ELLIS
family. This could mean that Jane Elizabeth b. 1820 (or
Elizabeth Jane) could have been the sister of Thomas or
Sarah (re: orphan house records).

Charleston Orphan House Records:
ELLIS, JOSEPHINE ANN. Admitted October 4, 1855 aged nine
years by
ELIZABETH ELLIS, mother. Indentured to HUGH R. RUTLEDGE (of
Broad, North Carolina) as a domestic Jan 30, 1862.
Indentures expired
Mar 27, 1864. (R-84) Delivered to her aunt, MRS. SARAH
KINGDOM, March 12, 1863. (B0)

Since Elizabeth is not listed on the 1850 Census perhaps her
name is Jane Elizabeth, or Elizabeth Jane. If this is the
case perhaps Mary J was named Mary after her grandmother and
Jane after Jane (Elizabeth) her mother. But this would mean
that Jane (Elizabeth) was 13! when she had her first child
and husband Joseph was 21.

1860 SC Census Index -

Chas. 384 Ward 5
ELLIS, Elizabeth
ELLIS, Joseph
ELLIS, William

Chas. 428 Ward 6 (Charleston Orphan House)
ELLIS, Josephine
ELLIS, Julia

ELLIS, Rebecca - either died or married before age 21.

Joseph Samuel ELLIS b. 1843 married Louise SCHLEYER (SLYER)
b. 1854 Chas, SC.
Joseph Samuel ELLIS also shows up on the 1862 Charleston
City Directory, listed as living on Rutledge Ave.

Any Suggestions Welcomed!
Still Hoping,

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