Re: Elizabeth STONE and Jason MEADOWS - Ggbryan821
Subject: Re: Elizabeth STONE and Jason MEADOWS
From: Ggbryan821
Date: August 01, 1999

The book was printed by Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD in 1977.  There is 
an address for the Meader Family Association, Inc.:  Ashdown Rd., R.D. #3, 
Ballston Lake, NY  12019.
I did look in the index of Meaders and didn't find any who married Moberley.  
There were many Meaders with no spouse shown though.  
It is interesting that there is a Zilpha Meader, b. 1879, d. 1896, who was 
the daughter of Jerome Meader and Martha Martin.  Jerome was the son of 
Daniel Meader and Abigail Howland.  Daniel was the son of George F. Meader 
and Charlotte Bromley.  This family goes further back in Volume I.  Sorry, 
but I don't have access to that volume. 
Hope this will help you or some of the others that are researching this 
Gwen Grant Bryan

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