Re: Elizabeth STONE and Jason MEADOWS - Doris Peirce
Subject: Re: Elizabeth STONE and Jason MEADOWS
From: Doris Peirce
Date: August 01, 1999

first question:  Is it still in print?

next: Does he list the  Smith Co TX line of Edward Meador & Sarah Naomi Beam's
finally: where does he begin, and does it go into detail in the generation where
5 Meadors married 5 Moberleys?
 Thank you,    Doris

[email protected] wrote:

 To those of you who are researching Meader/Meadow, there is a book, John
> Meader of Piscataqua His Ancestors and Descendants, compiled by Granville
> Meader.  I have access to a copy of this book.  This book is Volume II
> 1800-1875, and I'm not sure how complete the index is, but will be glad to do
> lookups is this is your line.
> Gwen Grant Bryan
> >
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