Elizabeth PARKS, Granville Co. - Sam & Denise Brown
Subject: Elizabeth PARKS, Granville Co.
From: Sam & Denise Brown
Date: August 12, 1998

Dear List-mates:
    I am new to this list and thought I would take a stab at asking for
your expertise in the old districts of South Carolina. All records I
have gotten my hands on (which isn't much), pertaining to my
gr-gr-grandmother, Elizabeth PARKS, state she was born in 1810 in
Granville Co., SC.
    By that time, Granville was no longer so I suspect her parents never
got over referring to it by that name, and that Elizabeth grew up
referring to it the same way. I don't know where to begin to find any
clue of her. She didn't arrived in Marshall Co., IL until about 1843 so
she must have left some kind of track record in SC. I have searched
until I'm purple and am getting frustrated. Any ideas out there?
    Kindest Regards,
Denise Hall Brown
[email protected]

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