Re: Elizabeth MacDonald - RW Hughes
Subject: Re: Elizabeth MacDonald
From: RW Hughes
Date: May 12, 2000

'Mornin', Cuz,
Gotta jump in here on this one.  If you find out any about Elizabeth's
ancestry, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.  Thanks for posting the
earlier children for his couple, I was missing the first three there.
For whatever it's worth.........Ethel Eliza was born in Jan 1890 and Sarah
was born Aug 1891.
I show Benjamin Franklin SOWELL as having been born 13 Jun 1854, rather than
1856.  Also, his father's full name was Rufus Levi SOWELL, born 15 Jan
1814 - died 7 Aug 1889.  Mary Ann EDGEWORTH was born 7 Apr 1820 - died 7 Jan
1897.  Rufus Levi and Mary Ann were married 20 Nov 1837.
I you have differences with any of this, holler.  Also, if you need more on
the SOWELL line, holler.  If you find more on the MCDONALD
line........holler even louder, cause I can sure use the help.
cuzzin Bill

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