Fwd: Elizabeth Davis Estate 1829 - Jane McCombs Gillespie
Subject: Fwd: Elizabeth Davis Estate 1829
From: Jane McCombs Gillespie
Date: September 23, 1998

I have forwarded this message that I had previously sent to this and the
Long Cane-L list.. My Long Cane buddy Lynne answered and I have a question:
what is a husbandry servant??

I am interested in this because the estate paper names a Liddy & Patsey
McComb who seem to be black slaves "rented out" from the Elizabeth Davis
estate.. I believe this might be the Davis that lived next door to my Kitty
and Major John  McComb in Abbeville District .. I wonder how they "got over"
to the Davis estate?
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From: E & L Bernard 
To: 'Jane McCombs Gillespie' 
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 7:59 AM
Subject: RE: Elizabeth Davis Estate 1829

<it.. I
>ordered an estate pack of Elizabeth Davis from Abbeville Probate Box 106
>Pack 277 and it only consisted of 1 page that reads as follows.. Lynne is
>this one of the Davis's we talked about?? Sonia have not checked these with
>my previous McComb slave names I submitted..
>" Account of negro hindtant (can't read) Estate Elizabeth Davis 106-2771
>Recorded in book No 8 page 94 and examined Moses Taggart Oct
>That is front page .. on on bottom of page is ------ -------- Jan 1 1830
>(may be recorded ---- )>>
>Hi Jane,
>I'm not sure if this is one of the Davises involved with the Vickerys.  The
>equity case I found, as I recall, was in the 1850's.  And of course, I
>can't find my papers on it right now, so I can't say for sure :-)
>What you found looks to be an accounting of rents received for the letting
>out of estate property.  It might have been property that was held and
>rented on Elizabeth's behalf while she was alive, and the rental period
>continued after her death.  Or, it could have been property that she owned,
>and upon her death, the executor rented it out---maybe pending sale of it
>all?  Or to raise some cash for the estate?  I've seen estates where
>slaves/property were rented out, so it must have been a common practice.  I
>looked up "hindtant" in my law dictionary--found "hind", also written as
>"hine", which in old English law, meant a husbandry servant.
>Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one.

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