Elisha HODGE-SC-b.1791 - Susan Hodge Davis
Subject: Elisha HODGE-SC-b.1791
From: Susan Hodge Davis
Date: October 12, 1998

From Book K, page 117  from Sumter Co. Register of Mesne Conveyances:
Martha Hodge to William all my portion of the estate of Elisha Hodge dec'd being
1/3 of 918 acres of land, on 14 Feb 1838, in presence of Oliver and Elias

page 119
Elisha, James, Elijah, Elihu, Elias, Oliver, and Benjamin G. for $500 by William
sold interest of real estate of our father Elisha Hodge, dec'd being 7/10  of
our 2/3 of 918 acres on 14 Sept 1838
Frances, wife of James
Rebecca, wife of Elihu
Nancy, wife of Elijah
Elizabeth, wife of Oliver

page 118
Benjamin Courtney, Jane Courtney, Jared Norton and Tamsey Norton for $200 sold
to William Hodge, our portion of estate of Elisha Hodge, dec'd being 2/10 of 918
acres on 16 day of Aug 1838, witnessed by Elias and Elijah Hodge.
    Jane wife of Benjamin Courtney, and Tamsey wife of Jared Norton

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