Edgefield, SC., Marriage Records - Ntrnetrdnk
Subject: Edgefield, SC., Marriage Records
From: Ntrnetrdnk
Date: April 01, 1999

The following extracts appear in the book "Edgefield, SC., Marriage Records" 
which can be found in the Mobile Genealogical Library, Mobile, AL.

p. 67     Wade Hampton & Mary Singleton McDuffie, Jan 27, 1858, at 
              Albamarle in the residence of Mrs John C. Singleton, by Rev.
             J. P. Shand (E.A.).

p. 98    Hon. George McDuffie & Rebecca Singleton, daughter of Richard
             Singleton of Sumter District, Jun 1829, by the Rev. Mr. 
             Converse (F.R.).

p. 147  Samuel Singleton & Sarah Ann Christian, Aug 6, 1840, by Rev.
             Wm B. Johnson (E.A.).

p. 163  (Major) Abraham Van Buren, eldest son of President Martin Van
             Buren & Sarah Angelica Singleton, youngest daughter of Richard
             Singleton of Sumter District, and sister of George McDuffie's
             wife, Nov 27, 1838, by Rev. Mr. Converse (E.A.).

Don Singleton ([email protected])
Mobile, AL.

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