Re: Edgefield Newspapers - Sonia
Subject: Re: Edgefield Newspapers
From: Sonia
Date: April 23, 1998

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Heide Sciacca wrote:

 I am interested in finding out if there is a newspaper story re: the above,
> what the name of the local paper for the Edgefield and/or Greenville areas
> was, if there was one, and if there is an archive source for such papers.

Orville Vernon Burton, author of _In My Father's House Are Many Mansions:
Family and Community in Edgefield, SC_ lists the following newspapers
among his sources:

Edgefield _Advertiser_, Edgefield _Chronicle_, and (Edgefield) _Plow Boy_.
>From page 67:  "_Advertiser_ served as the voice of the rich, the
well-born, and the powerful..."  If this is any help the first editor was
Maximilian LaBorde, and this was prior to 1839 when William Francic
Durisoe was the ed. I know in the 1850s Arthur Simkins was the editor.

Burton's book did not mention the years of publication, but you might want
to check the SCDAH to see if they are available there.


who is also interested in the SIMKINS as Arthur's sister Maria married
James Edward Calhoun of Abbeville Co in Feb 1839.  Calhoun has an April
1839 slave ledger listed as "Edgefield Gang."  On this list are two sets
of my ancestors, one which took the surname WALKER and the other SIMPKINS.

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