Re: Edgefield District South Carolina - JIM MOORE
Subject: Re: Edgefield District South Carolina
Date: March 06, 1998

LBate18495 wrote:
>       Hi
>         I am seeking more information than what I already have on William W.
> Hardwick d.b.1754 in Edgefield District S.C. He died in Georgia in 1850. He
> married  MaryJane Files is there a marriage record for them. I also need to
> see if there might be a published work on Revolutionary Soldiers ofSouth
> Carolina that might list him
> in it.  How can I find out how early the family was in South Carolna. This
> family is supposed to be realted to the Hardwick family that settled in
> Westmoreland County Va. in 1635.  I would appreciate any and all the help
> I can get. Thank you
> Jacob. L.Bateman III
> 3870 Strathmore Drive
> MontgomeryAlabama 36116-4614.

Try these two sites and see what you come up with; I'm pretty sure one (or both) have 
RevWar info, and if not, they'll probably steer you to a source.

I don't have address to hand, but the Old Edgefield Genealogy and Historical Society 
in Edgefield could really help you.  Not only do they have a ton of stuff, but 
they're right across the street from the court house.  If you don't find their 
address at one of the Edgefield sites, get back to me, and I'll find it for you.  
BTW,they don't have a web site.


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