Edgefield District South Carolina - LBate18495
Subject: Edgefield District South Carolina
From: LBate18495
Date: March 06, 1998

        I am seeking more information than what I already have on William W.
Hardwick d.b.1754 in Edgefield District S.C. He died in Georgia in 1850. He
married  MaryJane Files is there a marriage record for them. I also need to
see if there might be a published work on Revolutionary Soldiers ofSouth
Carolina that might list him
in it.  How can I find out how early the family was in South Carolna. This
family is supposed to be realted to the Hardwick family that settled in
Westmoreland County Va. in 1635.  I would appreciate any and all the help
I can get. Thank you

Jacob. L.Bateman III
3870 Strathmore Drive
MontgomeryAlabama 36116-4614.

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