Edgar Thaddeus Kemp - Dr Constance T McNeill
Subject: Edgar Thaddeus Kemp
From: Dr Constance T McNeill
Date: April 04, 2000

Looking for information on Edgar Thaddeus Kemp who not only had a brick
Yard in Marietta, Greenville, but also was a Professor in his own School in

His mother was Mary Ann Kemp, daughter of Harry Johnson and Hannah Gorman
Kemp.  Mary Ann was not married.  Edgar T was born about 1851 in Edgefield
and apparently attended Furman University (paid for by his father who was a
married man in Edgefield, but that's another story) and after Edgar closed
his school in Marietta and his brick yard he moved to Texas.  Ron English
of Texas is his grandson and is looking for more information on him also so
I will forward any info to him

The book "The Upper Part of Greenville County, South Carolina" by Mann
Batson has the following entry on page 341.
 "Another industry, brick making, had been scattered all over the area
 with many of the brick used in the construction of the larger houses
 made on the site. As roads and transportation improved, brick making
 became more consolidated. In 1884, there were five brick-making
 factories in the county: near Greenville, Murray's yard, J.W. Murray;
 Earle's Yard, Theron Earle; Kemp's Yard, E. T. Kemp; Goodwin's Yard,
 W.D. Goodwin; Johnson's Yard, James Johnson. These yards had an annual
 production of about 2,500,000 bricks, consumed primarily by local
 markets at about five or six dollars per thousand."
 The City Directories of Greenville, S.C. in 1880-81 and 1883-84 both
 list Edgar T. Kemp as resident on Rutherford St., and profession as
 teacher. This residence was on a 20 acre tract adjacent to 
 the fairgrounds.

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