Ed T of PGH (imac) - Marlenem
Subject: Ed T of PGH (imac)
From: Marlenem
Date: January 23, 2001

In a message dated 1/23/01 4:01:58 AM, [email protected] writes:
    Try increasing the amount of memory allocated to Netscape by highlighting 
(clicking on the application icon once), then under  File  menu go to  Get 
Info  and then to Memory and make sure the numbers  in the Memory dialog box 
for  Minimum Size  are identical to those of  Preferred Size. If you are 
using a really old version of Netscape, I downloaded Netscape 6 and like it 
very much.  I never had any trouble opening the page using Netscape 
Communicator 4.61 either.  Hope this helps!


Of all the great links on <>, my iMac has consistently
 when down loading <>. Is this an
exceptionally large file or what? Anyone else having this problem?
Thanks  for advice. Ed T of PGH

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