Ebenezer Church Cemetery/Rock Hill, SC - marysc
Subject: Ebenezer Church Cemetery/Rock Hill, SC
From: marysc
Date: March 08, 1999

[email protected] wrote: 
> Could anyone tell me exactly where is Rock Hill, SC?  Does anyone know
> anything about the history of Ebenezer Church in Rock Hill?  What denomination
> is it?  Has a census been done of the cemetery there?
> Does anyone know of any other Ebenezer Church in SC, and, if so, where is it
> located?
> I would appreciate any info or help from anyone.
> Cheryll Sumner
> Mobile, AL


My in-laws were members of Ebenezer ARP (Associate Reformed
Presbyterian) Church a few miles south of Rock Hill, actually closer to
Fort Mill, SC (York County, same as Rock Hill).  It is a very old
church, I'm not exactly sure when it was founded but sometime in the
1800's I suspect.  It's quite large and successful for a country church,
as many families who have always belonged to it now bring in their
children and grandchildren who live in the Charlotte bedroom

I can tell you the exact location if you're interested in going to it or
contacting it.  They probably know precisely who is buried in their
cemetery, which is quite large and old.

Mary in SC

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