Fwd: ebay/stolen military grave markers - gslat
Subject: Fwd: ebay/stolen military grave markers
From: gslat
Date: October 15, 1999

They're still doing it. (I copied their web page just now should you want 
it)  I tried to locate an email address to send the seller a few MBs of 
garbage like we did last time.
They have changed formats, so as all emails go thru ebay and you must 
register with them.  No can do.  Gotta protect that dollar.

I had sent a mesg to [email protected] a few weeks back requesting their 
help, as no congressman wants to soil his/her hands.
That is The Rev. Jesse Jacksons organization.

The addy below is the staff person to contact.  We need all the help we can 
get to put a stop to this practice of stealing from our dead ancestors.

[email protected]

The govt and ebay have no interest in stopping it.  The police cannot stop 
it, so we must do it ourselves, hopefully with the help of the Rev. Jesse 

Please write to J. Mathis and tell her your concerns.  Forward this to all 
lists you deal with.


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