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Subject: Re: Easterling
From: AslanJ
Date: April 09, 1998

I have received replies from Mr henry Easterling as follows:

Judy Canant

Cannot find much on this lady's other ancestors, but the John Easterling, born
February 8, 1787, was a son of William Easterling who was a son of the Rev.
Henry Easterling.  The Line from the Rev. Henry to John is:

Rev. Henry Easterling  (born May 4, 1733)
William Easterling (born March 10, 1757)

John Easterling (born February 8, 1787)

This John married Clarissa (last name unknown).  John and Clarissa had at
least for children: Martha Jane, unnamed daughter, James, and John L.  There
could have been more children, but that is all we have.  See #123 on page 112
in the 1990 Easterling Family History.

Hope this will prove helpful.

Then I got a 2nd note from him:


Here is a little more info on the John Easterling (born in 1787).  He may have
been married to a Nancy Covington, but there is some confusion about all of
this.  I found some additional information on this John and Nancy and it is
explained in the footnote that will appear at the end of Chapter Eight in
update we hope to have ready in the year 2000.  This footnote reads:

6.  There is some confusion which John Easterling married Nancy Covington.  In
W. H. Manning Jr. and Edna A. Manning, Our Kin, Nancy Covington is recorded as
marrying John Easterling (#123), born in 1887, died in 1864.  This was a son
of John Easterling, the son of Rev. Henry.  Other sources indicate that John
Easterling (born in 1872, died in 1827, the son of Rev. Henry, married a Nancy
Ann Covington in in 1803).  It appears that there are two Nancy Covingtons,
one the neice or cousin of the other.  The Nancy born in in 1793 must have
married must be the one who married the son of William Easterling since she
would have been only ten years old when the older John (son of Rev. Henry)
#18) married a Nancy Ann Covington.  To confuse things more, Manning lists the
children assigned to John (#18) and Nancy Ann in volume one of our history, as
belonging to John (123) and Nancy.

Hope this does not confuse you more.


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