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Les Easterling Sr. was the major contributor of raw material on his
line--Henry Easterling the son of the Rev. Henry.  I credited him with writing
certain other chapter because he provided most of the raw material for those
chapters too  I organized the book and was responsible for taking the raw
material and converting it into a consistent format throughout the book.  I
personally organized, formatted and typed, all the chapters except Chapter 22
which was provided by Bennet P. Peterson and Darwin F. Peterson.  Took me
about three years working six to eight hours per day to get it all on floppy

Les was also the chief editor, and was the one who arranged for the publishing
and other coordination necessary to publishing the book.  You could say that I
was main author and Les was the publisher.  I think it worked out pretty good.
The hard work of gathering the material on group sheets and narratives was
done by many devoted Easterling researchers working for a large portion of
their lives.  The major contributors were given credit for certain chapters,
the others were credited by endnotes at the end of each chapters.  

Hope this clears up how the book was put together.



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