Re: Early Settlers of SC - Gaila & Jim Merrington
Subject: Re: Early Settlers of SC
From: Gaila & Jim Merrington
Date: July 05, 1998

I noticed that my early settlers in the 96 District were on the list, but
not the early settlers in Kershaw or Fairfield Districts.  Did this list
just cover part of the State?  Is there a list that covers the other areas
of the State?
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From: Margaret B Miller 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Monday, 6 July 1998 6:55
Subject: RE: Early Settlers of SC

Thanks for the tip to cut and paste the URL address. It worked this way.
>Mr. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., did a tremendous job with his listing of early
>settlers. Only one problem -- I found my ancestors weren't listed; but
>that stands to reason. I always knew they came into SC by UFO.
>Apparently, they were still residing on the Mother Ship and I don't know
>where it had landed!
>Margaret Miller

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