Re: Early SC Land Grants - C. D. McDonell
Subject: Re: Early SC Land Grants
From: C. D. McDonell
Date: May 27, 1999

Jane Hinson wrote:

Subject: Early SC Land Grants

Hi, Does anyone out there have access to the following books and would
>willing to do a look-up?  SC Deed Abstracts 1773-1778, SC Deed
>1776-1783 and SC Deed Abstracts 1783-1788.  >

I would greatly appreciate such a lookup, also.  I'm searching for the
names William (and Margery) MacDonell, and Ezekiel (Jackson Sr.) Dunagan
and Joseph Dunagan, Sr.   Probably found in OPD or thereabouts.  Thanks
in advance to any kind soul willing to help.
Failing that, I'd be very grateful for info on where to obtain the books
myself.  Interlibrary loan?
Durward McDonell

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