Re: Early S.C. Records - Jan Morrow
Subject: Re: Early S.C. Records
From: Jan Morrow
Date: March 04, 1998

Steve and all,

Thank you everyone for your answers.  SCROOTS IS THE BEST!

Jan Morrow

Steve Coker wrote:
> Jan,
> The South Carolina State Archives, The USC Caroliniana Library, and the South
> Carolina Historical Society are three of the largest research resources in South
> Carolina.  They are separate and unique resources.  But, as with all libraries
> and many archives, there is some duplication, similarities, and many
> differences.  There are several other research resources in the State and others
> outside of South Carolina with important information about South Carolina.  The
> most obvious resource outside of the State being the National Archives and
> Records Administration together with its Regional Records Services Facilities.
> Please don't rely solely on what you might read in these email messages.  To
> conduct serious research, you should visit, write, or call the research
> facilities directly.  I expect that they would be willing to mail informational
> brochures which explain their holdings.
> Hope that helps,
> Steve
> Jan Morrow wrote:
> >
> > Steve and All,
> >
> > I am a little confused about the diferent S.C. Libriaries--we have S.C.
> > Archives, S.C. Historical Soc., and the Caroliniana Library.  What is
> > the difference between the libraries as far as holdings?

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