Re: Early S.C. Records - Gail Moore
Subject: Re: Early S.C. Records
From: Gail Moore
Date: March 02, 1998

Dear Jan:
Yes they too have old wills.  Go there and check it out online.
Some things even pop up on the online search to read and print
After getting to the site, go to the search and type in your surname
it will give you a list.  From there hit show records and from there
there are more links.
It also gives you other names associated with your surname and
other sourses to check into.
Great site, have found a lot there.

> From: Jan Morrow 
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Early S.C. Records
> Date: Monday, March 02, 1998 11:47 PM
> Steve and All,
> I am a little confused about the diferent S.C. Libriaries--we have S.C.
> Archives, S.C. Historical Soc., and the Caroliniana Library.  What is
> the difference between the libraries as far as holdings?
> For example I have been looking for an early S.C. Deed in the 1750's in
> the Craven Dist. area modern day Chester Co., S.C..  I was told that the
> early deeds and records were held in Charleston, S.C., I knew this but
> also was under the impression that all early records were moved to
> Columbia to the S.C. Archives. I visited the S.C. Archives and found
> nothing at all on this family I am researching and wondered if possible
> I should look in the S.C. Historical Society.  
> Could someone please help me out here?
> Thanks
> Jan Morrow

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