Early S.C. Records - Jan Morrow
Subject: Early S.C. Records
From: Jan Morrow
Date: March 02, 1998

Steve and All,

I am a little confused about the diferent S.C. Libriaries--we have S.C.
Archives, S.C. Historical Soc., and the Caroliniana Library.  What is
the difference between the libraries as far as holdings?

For example I have been looking for an early S.C. Deed in the 1750's in
the Craven Dist. area modern day Chester Co., S.C..  I was told that the
early deeds and records were held in Charleston, S.C., I knew this but
also was under the impression that all early records were moved to
Columbia to the S.C. Archives. I visited the S.C. Archives and found
nothing at all on this family I am researching and wondered if possible
I should look in the S.C. Historical Society.  

Could someone please help me out here?


Jan Morrow

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