Early Grants - Janasm
Subject: Early Grants
From: Janasm
Date: June 18, 1998

 I do not know about grants from The King Of England, But for all that are
interested..there is a good site for land grants and some of the grants and
deeds date back to the late 1600's. You have to go to the following page and
scroll down to the name (alphabetized) closest to the name you are looking
for. ex: On that name there may be 70 Cards..the name you are looking for may
be in the middle so type in card #35 and it will show you the middle card and
you can work your way from there.
Hope this helps someone.

Does anyone in this forum know if there is a list of the early settlers who
obtained land grants from the King of England until 1776 when the State of
South Carolina assumed the right to distribute ownership of the land?

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