Early Branch - Mixon - Linjac
Subject: Early Branch - Mixon
From: Linjac
Date: April 16, 2000

Is there anyone researching Mixons from the Early Branch?  I am specifically 
looking for a Francis Mixon that died intestate abt 1892.  He had three sons, 
William, Joe (died before his father) and Charlie and a daughter, Mary b. 19 
Dec 1873.  She is the only one that I have a birthdate on.  I believe that 
his wife's name may have been Susan at the time that the estate was probated. 
 I believe that this family is connected to my g grandfather, William Mixon 
who is on the 1880 Hampton Co. SC census married to a Mary and  with 
children, Mary, (William) Calvin, and Charles.  

I would appreciate any help and also would like to know if anyone had 
inventoried the cemeteries around the Early Branch area and if so, where can 
I find out what Mixons are buried in them.

I have been on the list before, but this new lead has brought me back and 
hopefully I can connect my Mixons to their ancestors. 
Thanks a million for any help, 

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