Early American Handwriting - Jumpinbeej
Subject: Early American Handwriting
From: Jumpinbeej
Date: June 28, 2000

The following deals with being able to read old papers in our court horses of 
today that were written a century or so ago.  We don't want to make mistakes 
in following the written word of a time gone by.  Beej in AZ

An exerpt from the first paragraph of the site.

When reading old deeds, wills, court papers, letters, or any other 
original document it is imperative one be familiar with the handwriting 
styles of the period.   If not, mistakes can be made through 
misinterpretation and mistranslation.  It is also possible that you would not 
find your relative as you would not recognize the name.  A paleographic 
understanding of the period is also helpful in understanding how the spelling 
of the surname many have changed. <<<<<

From: "Joyce Reece" 
Subject: handwriting!

For all of you who may be interested in Early American Handwriting!  Which 
should be about all of us since we are constantly trying to dechyper pages of 
microfilm and other records. 


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