Earliest Settlers part 3. - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers part 3.
Date: February 23, 2000

1827 Land Lottery Greene Co Ga

Orphans of John Thompson
Willis Curry
Joseph Thompson
William C Hudson
Elijah Bradshaw Jr
Mathew Thompson
Wm R.H.Mosely
Young H.Greer
William Hogg
Christopher C.Lewis
James Thompson orphans given in byJoseph Thompson
Sarah Boian(?)
Henry H Greer
Lewis Brackman
George L Williams
Christian Thompson widow of James
William and Nancy Ray.children of Ruska, given in by Elisha McLane
Emeline Thurman daughter of Ann.given in by Jos Truman
James Burford son of Lucy
Matilda Ray child of Rusha
Greer Wilson
Almena Greer child of Nancy given in by Nathan Hobbs
James Higgens
George T Martin son of Susan given in by George Hae
Sterling G Jenkins 

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