Earliest Settlers 1807 lottery - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers 1807 lottery
Date: January 09, 2000

Capt Watts District
Browning John son of K Browning 1young man
Baldwin Robert(Town Creek) 2 married men
Baldwin John Waggoners.2 married men
Bradley Richard 1 young man
---Milly( orphan of John Bavos(?)
---ing. Susannah  1 widow
Browning William Esqr 2 married men

Captain Jenkins district
Boren William (Fishing Creek) 2 married men
Brewer James 2 married men
Bevers,Catherine 1 young woman
Brewer David (Green Brier) 2 married men
Brewer Henry (orphans of) 2 orphans
Buchanan.D.John  2 married men
Broakes William(Appalachia) 2 married men
Bordin Gilbert 2 married men
Butts.James  1 young man
Bishop Joshua 2 married men
Bethune Laudlin  2 married men
Baird,Washington 1 young man
Butts Henry (Appalachia) 2 married men

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