Re: Earliest settlers - Patrice Hite
Subject: Re: Earliest settlers
From: Patrice Hite
Date: January 02, 2000

Hi Jean and Hope,  I too am searching for info on Mercers in Greene Co, GA.  I
think Rev. Harmon Mercer was in that area.  I am trying to find his religious
preference as well as if he had a brother named John.  I know that Harmon is son
of Silas and Harmon's brother Jesse became a Babtist minister.  Thanks for any
help.  Pat--Indy

[email protected] wrote:

 Hi Jean and Hope, I am searching for Morgans in Greene Co Ga. Any information
> on the Morgans would be greatly appreciated. Hope, I have two Greene Co
> books,
> Land Records
> Deeds 1785-1810
> and
> Wills
> 1786-1877
> I can send you the info from these if you want it.
> Thanks, Pat
> [email protected]
> >
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