Re: Earliest Settlers - Julia Clements
Subject: Re: Earliest Settlers
From: Julia Clements
Date: February 25, 2000

     I saw on this post on the SC rootsweb list.  This says "part 2".  I
must have missed part 1, which may have contained more info regarding your
post.  I am very interested in the Peyton Clements you listed here as one of
SC earliest settlers.  Where did you get this info from?  What are the dates
associated here?
     Peyton Clements of Granville co., NC (c. 1715 - 1775) is the furthest I
have been able to trace my ancestors.  I do not know where he came to NC
From, but suspected it was from VA.  Could it have been SC?
Anyway, I would apprecaite the source and the dates associated with your
Thank you.
Julia Clements

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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 7:00 PM
Subject: Earliest Settlers

 part 2
> Charles Burke Jr
> John Thompson
> Henry Thompson
> Lucy Wilkins W
> John Wilkins orphan
> Polly McLain w
> John McLain  orphan
> John Bird
> John H Greer
> John P Germany
> Joseph Akins
> Peyton Clements    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Ephraim Price   Rev.Sol
> John Couch
> John Hunt
> Richard Chrismas
> William Lewis
> Silas Curry (helpless deaf and dumb)
> James Akins R.S
> George W Finley
> David S Anderson
> Quentina Jackson dau of Polly
> Nancy Thompson widow of John
> to be continued

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