Fwd: Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Fwd: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 22, 2000

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Hi lost my place and forgot these
Capt Watts Dist
Rainey Frederick                  1 young man
Reynolds John                      1 young man
Ray Howell                            2 married men
Capt Jenkins Dist
Robertson Willis                    2 married men

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From: [email protected] (JEAN PRATHER)
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Subject: Earliest Settlers
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Greene Co Ga Revoluionaries from Va and the Carolina's Ga Lottery 1807

Capt Butlers Dist
Phillips David                       2 married men
Pleas Philip                          2 married men

Capt Greer Dist
Roberts John                        2 married men
Ravens James(orphans of)  1 orphan
Ray W.John (Fishing Creek) 2 married men
Rhymes William Snr R Creek 2 married men
Ridgdell Samuel H Creek         2 married men
Capt Davenport Dist

Ridgedeall John                       1 young man
Ridgedeall Martha                    1 young woman
Ray John (Fishing Creek)         1 young man
Ray Isaac Jnr                            1 young man
Rogers Pleasant                       1 young man
Royston Robert                         2 married men
Royston Sarah                          1 young woman
Robinson T (Mary orphan of Thomas Robinson
                                                   1 orphan


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