Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: March 05, 2000

Greene Co Ga. 1827 land lottery.most of these people were ex Rev War
soldiers and thier widows and orphans. many from Va.and the Carolinas
Capt John Colcloughs District # 139
Charity Colcloughw
Wooten O'Neal orphans
Henning Daniel orphans
Henning Parkinson
Hannah Sesson W R.S
William Evans  R.S
James Smith R.S.
Elizabeth Milner w R.S.
Elizabeth Goocher w r.s.
Elizabeth Smith w
Archibald Smith orphans
Sarah Harris w
James Harris orphans
Lee Evans
Simeon Meadows
Vincent Meadows
Jesse Woodall
James Taylor
Littleberry O'Nea
Colbert Woodall
James Thmpson
Joh N Harris
Gilerest(?) Overton
Isham Meadows
Robert Edwards
Albert Taylor
Mary O'Neal w
James Mitchell orphans
William Meadows
Richard A Murden
Littleton Taylor
William Coclough
Thomas Lynes Orphans
Asbury Daniel
William Colclough orphans
Israel Nunley r.s.
Ambrose Edwards
John Davis
Henry Monn(base)
Silas Mercer

Capt Joel Newsome's Dist Cont..
Sally Booles widow of Jess
Saeborn Booles  orphans
Maryann Booles
Douglass Watson Orphans
John Barker orphans
John T Sankey orphans
Almera Ann Bennett given in by ElizaBennett
William Newsome
Rebecca Booles idiot given in by Nelson Booes
Semeon Thackston son of Julia
Patsy Durham w of Samuel
Orphans of Sam'l Durham
Nancy Ray idiot dau of Andrew Ray

Capt Halls Dist
Nancy O'Conners
Henry and Jereah Freeman
Orphans of George Brazil
orphans of John Oconners
John Barnett
 James L Welles
Samuel & Martha McLain ch Mary
William A Weles
Parazetta Clementine Coleman d of Nancy
Zelphia Amos Copeland Ch Nancy
David Ray
Littlebury Jackson

Capt John Southerland's Dist

Obadiah Thompson Child of Lucy M
Willia Curry
Lewis Wilson s Elizabeth
Sion Parrum

Capt John Webbs' Dist
James Jackson s Elizabeth
Martha A Jackson d Diana Jackson
Phelis Jackson d Irena Jackson
Orphans of George Stovall

I do certify that hte foregoing contains a true list of the number of
persons given in to me as entitled to draw in the present contempated
Land Lottery given under my hand this 8 day Nov 1825  John J.Bethune

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