Earliest settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest settlers
Date: March 01, 2000

in Greene Co Ga most were sodiers from the Rev War from Va and the
1827 land lottery
Capt Phillip H.Greene's District no 140
Jourdan Rowland
Richard Asbury R.S.(revolutionary soldier)
Elizabeth Sharell wife of R.S.
Elizabeth Christopher W R.S.
William Sharrel orphans of D
Archibal Watts orphans
Jubal Watts
David Watts
Cordial N. Daniel
Barbara Bethume Wife R.S.
Jesse Boon R.S.
George Hunt R.S.
Joel Fouster
Isham Tooke
George Hunt Jr
William Fouster
John Scoggins
William A Hunter
Littleton L Burk
Gresham Fouster
Thomas G(?) Thompson
William Burge
Anderson F Thomason
John Crutchfield
John Wells
Ruth Greene w R.S.
John Thomason
Sally Fouster sr
William Fouster orphan
Littleberry Sherrell
William Sheild orphans(2)
William Cone
Peter R Robinson
James A Thornton
John F Booles Evan Price R.S.
William L. Tucker
Thomas J Beddell
Allen Tucker R.S.
Jeremiah Thompson
Greene B Scoggins
Jesse H Watson
Thomas A Williams
Orphans of John Williams given in by B Williams
Lucy Wades mother of Acue Mahaly and Amanda
Sarah Watson w of Douglas Watson
Sally Thornton w of Jessie M
Orphans of R.Thornton
Jourdan Rowland jr
Thomas May
Alsey M Hunter
John Owens

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