Subject: EARLIEST Settlers
Date: February 27, 2000

Greene Co Ga 1827 land lottery.most were ex Revolutionary soldiers and
their wives and children many from Va and the Carolina's

Capt Bennett Eley's District # 137
JesseEley's orphans
Isaac Callaways orphans
Richard T Sanky
Rbert A. Steel
Welborn Eley
William C Slaughter
John T Sankey
Park J Watson
Thomas Bridges
Susannah Bridges w of Rev War Soldier
Thomas Holland R.S
Stephen W Hood
Petcky B Hodge
John Booker
Thomas Hicks
Judith Hicks w R.S.
James Hicks orphans
William Brooker
John A Leftwicks orphans
John Brookers orphans
Henry Brooker
Mary Leftwick widow
Mary Booker widow
Elizabeth Bell w.R.S.
Mouah Mercy orphans
William A Mercer
Joseph Beddell
Proctor Berry
Roger Q ickinson
James Hammett
William Hawkins
John Hawkins
Thomas C Edwards
Berry Booles
Eliza Ann Swann. dau of Margaret Swann

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