Earliest settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest settlers
Date: January 31, 2000

many from Rev War from Va and the Carolina's
Green Co 1827
Capt Ephraim Bruce's District
Luisia.Amanda & John Day.Children of Elizabeth Day
2 Draws
Cullen S Criddlle                         1
Pheseba and Adeline Wyatt childre given in by Richard Tally
Eli Littlejohn                                   1
William H Blyth                              1
Robert Coleman sonof Fanny Coleman Given in by Nathan Winfield

Capt D. Rankins District

Wm Pendergrass son of Frances Pendergrass ,give in by Polly P(?)
1                    Robert G Johson                            1
Stephen Collins (wounded(sis)in the war)  1
Capt William Knowles Dist
William G Owens                            1
Purkiny Simmons Child of Asenath
Simmons given in by Rudk Harris      1
Orphns of Obedia Copeland              1
given in by Suannah Slaughter
Samuel P Rauwles                             1

Capt William Vincent's District
Isaac G Stuaret                                 1
Wm and Frances Christopher children of Sarah " given in by George
Barnwell            1
Reddock Stevens                                1
Benjamin Colquitt                                 1                   

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