Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 30, 2000

To Greene Co Ga from Va. and the Carolina's 1807 land lottery
Capt Jenkins Dist

Weaver Ottniel(?)                   2 married me
Williams Benjamin(Greenbrier) 1 young man
White Lucy (Appalachia)(sic)  1 widow
Wingfield Wm.                         1 young man
Williams John(orphan by the name Jack Wiiliams  )
1 orphan
Capt Butler Dist
Whatley James snr Appalachia (sic) 3 married men      
Whatley Rebeka                        1 young woman
Whatley R.Wm                           2 married men
Wilbourne David                         2 married men
Wheeler Elisha                           2 married men
Williams Charles Appalacha(sic)2 married men
Williams Penelope                     1 young woman
Williams Joseph J (Appl)            2 married men
Whules Alsey                            1 young woman
 Walden Charles (G Brier)         2 married men
Watts Litterberry                        2 married men
Wheeles Isham snr                    2 married men
Walker Natheniel                        2 married men
Willbourne Martha                       1 widow
Wilbourne Margret                     1 young woman
Wilkerson Dempsey                   1 young man
Yarborrogh John(F.Creek)          1 young man
Capt Jenkins
Young Alexander                        2 married men
Captain Butler
Young Thomas (GBrier               2 married men

I do certify that the above schedule of names is a true list by me as
entitled to draw (agreeable to y instructions) the contemplated lottery

certified by me on this 25 Sept 1806  Hiram Glazier

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