Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 26, 2000

To Greene Co Ga from Va and the Carolina's
Ga land lottery 1807

Capt Greer Dist

Wilson Richard orphans of           1 orphan
Wester John                                2 married men
Williams Prushianna                   2 married men
Williams Tabitha                  1 young woman
West Ellis orphans of           1 orphan
Watts Thomas (sadler)         2 married men
Wiggins Lewis orphans of     1 orphan
Williams Anna (Fishing Creek) 1 widow
Williams Augustine orphans of 1 orphan
Capt Davenports Dist
Wildair James                        2 young men
Watson Wm(F.Creek)            2 married men
Ward Phillip (Sandy Creek)    2 married men
Watson Joseph                       2 married men
Williams Benjamin David orphans of 1 orphan
Webb Charles                         2 married men
Wilson John snr                       2 married men
Wright Robt jnr                         1 young man

Capt Watt Dist

Watts Pressley                          2 married men
Watts Thomas  orphans of        1 orphan
Wright Robert sr.                        2 married men
Wright Woodson                         1 young man
Watts Jeremiah                           2 married men
Watson Robert                            2 married men
Watson Wm.(F Creek)                 2 married en
Watts John (Capt)                        1 young man
Watson Douglas(Old F Creek)    2 married men
Woods Wm.O F Creek                 2 married men
Watson James .orphans of          1 orphan
Wright Peggy(has paid tax)          1 widow
Wright Isaac (Town Creek)           1 young man
Woods James( Oconee)                2 married men

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