Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 25, 2000

Green Co Ga from  VA and the Carolina's
these were from Major Thomas Battalion(I found out)  1807 Land lottery

Capt Greer Dist

Thompson William                  1 young man

Capt Davenport Dist
Thompson  Robert(Fishing Creek) 2 married  men
Thompson Wm (S Creek)        2 married men
Taylor James  Oconee     ---------------------
Thrift Thomas                           1 young man
Tresher (?) Robert                    2 married men

Capt Watts Dist
Tyler Willis                                 2 married men

Capt Jenkins Dist
Tomme Henry                            2 married men
Tate William                               2 married men
Townsend C,Andrew                  1 young man

Capt Butler Dist
Thurmon Daniel (Greenbrier       1 young man
Trimble Moses                             2 married men
Trimble Joseph Snr                      2 married men
Thresher Isaac (S Shoals)            2 married men
Thrasher  W Nancy                        1 widow
Thrasher Cloud (orphans of)         1 orphan
Townsed Saml Snr (Ellison Creek) 2 married men
Townsend Mary (Ellison Creek)  1 young woman
Thrasher Joseph C                      2 married men
Thrasher Richard (orphans of by name)Nancy Thrasher
1 orphan
Thurmon Absolom Orphans of Father and mother dead
2 orphans
Thurmon  Absolom orphans of mother living 2 orphans
Tremble John                                 2 married men
Thurmond Charles                         2 married men
Thompson Robert                          2 married men
Thurmon Hankey                           1 young woman    

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