Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 11, 2000

From Va and the Carolina's
Georgia Land Lottery 1807

Captain Greer 
English Lucy  1 young woman
Captain Davenport
Eason Mary    1 widow
CaptainWatts District
Ellington  David(orphans of) 1 orphan
Emberson James Orphans of  2 orphans
Ellington Satuin(?)    1 widow
Early Joel       2 married men
Early Jeremiah     1 young man
Evans  Milly  1 widow
Captain Jenkins
Early Peter Attorney (sic) at law  2 married men
Captain Butler
Echols John singing master 1 young man

Captain Greer District

Fannin Hezekiah    2  married men
Fuller Elijah           2 married men
Fannin Salley        1 young woman
Fuller Jesse           1 young man
Fannin Wm (Town Creek)  2 married men
Fannin Betsy          1 youngwoman
Findley Robert Fishing Creek 2 married men
Findley H. Archibald   1 young man
Findley  Jane             1 widow
Fennelson Desdami(?) 1 young woman
Freeman John (Shells Shoals) 1 young man

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