Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 11, 2000

ex revolutionary soldiers from Va. an the Carolinas
Georgia Land Lottery 1807

Capt Jenkins District
   Crawford David       1 young man
Carr orphan of Samuel Carr   1 orphan
Crawford Thomas Jr  2 young men
Cochran. M. John       1 young man
Callham.Frederick       1 young man
Crawford Nancy          1 young woman

Capt Butlers District

Crawford Thomas Snr   2 young men
Crawford Hardy             1 young man
Crawford John               1 young man
Cole John Jr.(Allison Creek)2 young men
Copeland  Richard        2 young men
Copeland R.John          2 young men
Crawford Salley             1 Widow
Copeland  Nancy           1 widow

      Capt. Greer District

Daniel. Eustace(?)         2 married men 
Duncan  Thomas           1 young man
Daniel John                    1 young man
Duncan  James              2 married men
Davis Sarah (Harris Creek) 1 widow

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