Earliest Settlers - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Earliest Settlers
Date: January 02, 2000

This is for Margaret.
Greene county was created on Feb 3 1786 afer being cut from the original
Washington Co.The county was named for the Revolutionary General
Nathaniel Green.at the same time the county seat was located and named
Greensboro. also named for General Green.Greensboro was incorporated in
1803.it received land from Oglethorpe Co in 1799 from Wilkes Co 1802
included pat of its territory to Hancock 1973 (I think this is a boo
boo) part to Oglethorpe in 1794 1799 part to Clarke Co 1802 &1807 and to
Taliaferro Co In 1825

The earliest settlers were                         Thomas Harris
Thomas Horton
Davis Gresham
Wm. Fitzpatrick
Henry Graybill
Oliver Porter
John Bailey
Charles Sessna
Thomas Baldwin
M Rabun
John George
Alexande Reid
Michael Rogers
David Dickson
Walton Harriss
Peyton Smith
Peter Curtwright
John Amour
Major Poulain
Jesse Perkins
Joel Newsome
James Armstrong
and Major Beasley

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