Earle Cemetery in Polk Co., NC - Euzelia
Subject: Earle Cemetery in Polk Co., NC
From: Euzelia
Date: January 01, 2001

Surfing and found this.  Could not believe it since I thought most of the 
Earles were in SC and some are my ancestors as well.  Enjoy.

Polk County, NC


Many thanks to Roy Brooks for the use of this survey. This cemetery is 
located on what was Four Column Farms, at the time of the audit, east of 
Landrum, SC in Polk County, NC. I have not been to this one.
Earle, Baylis August 8, 1734 January 26, 1825 

Earle, Mary Prince April 16, 1744 c1807 w/o Baylis 

Earle, Theron March 13, 1783 November 3, 1841 s/o Baylis 

Earle, Hannah Miller ???? c1866 w/o Theron 

Earle, Oliver Perry September 25, 1816 November 4, 1894 s/o Baylis 

Earle, Catherine Davis No Dates w/o Oliver Perry 

Earle, Dr. Michael Baylis April 19, 1814 May 14, 1867 s/o Theron 

Earle, Harriet Maxwell c1828 c1856 w/o MB Earle 

Earle, Theron April 26, 1853 August 16, 1914 s/o MB Earle 

Earle, Hannah March 12, 1856 March 13, 1880 


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