Sanquhar Graveyard Inscriptions

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Sanquhar Graveyard

GILMOUR - 5, 6
GRAY - 271
HAIR - 2, 271
HALLIDAY - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
HISLOP - 271
KERR - 2, 12
McCALL - 14
PARK - 12
RIGG - 1, 2, 271
YOUNG - 2, 5

In loving memory of Elizabeth Rigg, wife of James Hyslop, who died at Sanquhar 28th dec 1893 aged 74 years. Also the above James Hyslop who died at Manchester 15th of May 18?8 aged 74 years. John their son who died 17th Oct 1892 aged 46 years, interred in Manchester Southern cemetary. William their son who died 13th Dec 1922 aged 79 years interred in Manchester Southern cemetary.
In loving memory of Jane Hair wife of James Rigg, Crawick Forge, Sanquhar, who died in May 1857 in her 29th year; also the said James Rigg who died 21st February 1897 aged 69 years.

In Loving Memory of Charles James eldest son of James Rigg, of Crawick Lea, Sanquhar, who died 14th May 1897 aged 18 years. Also of Adam Kerr Rigg third son PTE D+CDY 12Batt York & Lancaster Regiment who was killed in action at the Battle of Somme, 1st July 1816 and interred in Queens British Cemetary Vcorps, near Albert France aged 34 years Died in Faith being dead yet speaketh.

In Loving Memory of John Kerr Rigg, Who died at Crawick Forge 5th Aug 1911, aged 31 years also of Jane (Daisy)Hair younger daughter of James Rigg, who died 3rd Jan 1936, aged 44 years. Catherine Taylor Young Beloved wife of the above John Kerr Rigg, who died 8th Nov 1957 aged 75 years.

In Loving Memory of James, son of the said James Rigg, who died at Crawick Lea 1st Feb 1919 aged 64 years. Also Janet Hamilton Kerr his wife who died at Kilmarnock 28th Sep 1936 aged 99 years. Also Anne Hamilton Rigg died 4th March 1952 aged 74 years.
In loving memory of Robert McKendrick who died 16th October 1912 aged 58 years also Sam Dickie his wife who died 5th June 1938 aged 77 years also David his son who died 2nd January 1897 aged years and 3 months also Robert their eldest son beloved husband of Catherine Johnston who died 15th May 1963 aged 75 years also Catherine Johnston beloved wife of the above who died 8th October 1977 aged 90 years Thy will be done
In memory of Jean Brown wife of Thomas Dempster who died 10th October 1859 aged 47 years also two children who died in infancy also of William his son who died at London 27th August 1872 aged 32 years also of Margaret Ross wife of the said William Dempster who died 12th March 1875 aged 41 years also the said Thomas Dempster who died 13th March 1875 aged 41 years also of the said Thomas Dempster who died 18th May 1887 aged 77 years also of Janet his daughter and wife of David McKendrick who died 22nd February 1915 aged 71 years.
In loving memory of Archibald Gilmour died 10th April 1916 aged 82 years his wife Margaret Tweddle died 16th October 1899 aged 60 years James Young died 22nd September 1918 aged 61 years his wife Margaret Gilmour daughter of Archibald and Margaret Gilmour died 4th December 1957 aged 81 years their daughter Mary H Young (Mamie) beloved wife of James Clark died 21st July 1971 aged 61 years the above James Clark died 27th September 1976 aged 64 years.
In memory of David Gilmour died 19th February 1855 aged 56 years William Gilmour died at NEW YORK 14th October 1958 aged 28 years John Gilmour died at NEW YORK 29th January 1857 aged 19 years Margaret Gilmour died 17th March 1832 aged 2 months John Gilmour died 1st September 1835 aged 2 years Margaret Gilmour died 13th March 1838 aged 2 years Janet Gilmour died 21st February 1840 aged 7 days James Gilmour died 20th September 1869 aged 41 years Janet Gilmour wife of the above died 17th March 1876 aged 81 years Erected by Hugh Gilmour
In memory of John Halliday who died at Blackaddie Cottage 18th February 1893 aged 69 years and of Mary Dobie his wife who died 13th March 1909 aged 78 years.
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Halliday who died at Crawick Mill 28th May 1889 aged 52 years also George Halliday his son who died at Crawick Mill 12th March 1890 aged 17 years also Margaret Black his wife who died 15th November 1908 aged 72 years also James Halliday their son who died 24th June 1919 aged 50 years
In memory of Janet Edgar wife of John Halliday who died 13th July 1870 aged 54 years.
In memory of John Halliday died 10th June 1807 aged 65 years Jean Kennedy his wife died 17th October 1832 aged 88 years Andrew Halliday Surgeon their son died 1st March 1805 in the Island of Timor Asia aged 27 years Mary Broom wife of John Halliday Merchant Sanquhar died 16th January 1858 aged 84 years John Halliday their son died 14th June 1811 aged 11 months.
Sacred to the memory of William Halliday late teacher in Sanquhar who died 19th January 1836 aged 19 years
In memory of James Halliday who died 15th August 1836 aged 62 years Agnes Park his wife who died 26th April 1839 aged 55 years Robert Halliday their son who died 16th August 1898 aged 82 years Jean Kerr wife of Robert Halliday who died 7th March 1907 aged 84 years.
In memory of Hebron Hamilton late spouse to James Halliday who died 1st January 1812 aged 40 years also Grinal Halliday their daughter.
In memory of William Purdie who died 6th December 1853 aged 64 years also Mary McCall his spouse died 12th March 1838 aged 50 years also Martha Purdie died 20th October 1844 aged 25 years also William Affleck died 26th December 1859 aged years and 3 months also Isabella Purdie wife of the above George Affleck who died 7th December 1887 aged 64 years also Thomas his son who died 8th April 1888 aged 29 years.
~MEMORY~ Mary Rigg aged 4 years. Also Sarah Rigg Aged 3 year. Children to John Rigg in Crawick Forge. Also of Elizabeth Gray, his spouse who departed this life upon the 24th Oct 1821 aged 70 years. Also of the said John Rigg who died the 1st April 1833 in the 83 year of his age. Also of Janie Hair, wife of James Rigg, who died in May, 1857, aged 28 years. [BACK] ALSO of Charles Rigg who died at Crawick Forge 17th March 1864, aged 70 years. Ann Hislop his Wife died 10th March 1870 aged 79 years. Agnes their daughter died 7th May 1876 aged 50 years. Also Agnes Rigg, Daughter of James Rigg and Jane Hair, who died 4th January 1930 aged 82 years.